Inventors claim revolutionary laundry robot will replace ironing

Published: 06 October 2017 Image credit: HelloEffie


Thankless laundry chores may soon be a thing of the past, after a pioneering pair of washing enthusiasts built a ground-breaking machine they claim will press 12 items of clothing at once, and cut ironing time by a whopping 95 percent.

The brainchild of mechanical engineers Rohan Kamdar and Trevor Kerth, Effie the laundry robot will supposedly transform your clothes from wet and wrinkled to professionally pressed in just three minutes.

And how will you know your laundry is ready to hang? You’ll be notified via a smartphone app.

The 27-year-old inventors spent years and countless hours perfecting their prototype, and now Effie is ready to roll into production.

The revolutionary laundry robot looks like a high-tech box standing upright, coming up to about your elbow or armpit, depending on how tall you are.

It weighs in at 35kg, measures 128cm high, 80cm wide and 40 cm deep, and is designed to be easily stored away (likely pushed against a wall) after use.

After adding water and scent pods, laundry aficionados will hang garments on specially designed coat hangers – and Effie does the rest.


Up to 12 items can be loaded on at once, with each item then drawn into the machine, where they are dried and pressed.

Adaptable to all clothing sizes, Effie works on children’s clothes all the way up to XXL adult sizes.

The makers claim its simple to use, sporting a single ‘start’ button to kick off the cycle. A smartphone app is also available, which can give live status updates on the ironing progress.

Unlike other ironing machines, Effie uses tension and pulling to remove creases, instead of just relying on steam.

However, this new household appliance might set you back a pretty penny – with the price estimated to at $1,176 in Australia.

It’s expected to go on sale next year.