QLD farm dog adopts struggling rescue piglets

Published: 14 September 2017


It’s not the strangest animal tale to date, but it is one of the most heart-warming: a dog on the Gold Coast has adopted eight struggling piglets as her own.

The piglets arrived on Wesley Trevor’s farm in Wongawallan two weeks ago, covered in mud and a little sunburnt. 

Although Mr Trevor’s dog Treasure isn’t a pig, he says she jumped at the chance for motherhood, caring for and feeding the little piglets with her own milk.

“We have lots of animals because we’ve got eight kids and they love their pets, and Treasure just loved the piglets from day one,” Mr Trevor said.

“She cuddled up to them and licked them and looked after them and they just started feeding off her, and it all went from there.”

Mr Trevor said when the family noticed their beloved furry friend was acting as a surrogate mother to the piglets, they were a bit shocked.

“It was a bit strange, we didn’t know what to do,” he said.

“She just laid down and they just started nuzzling all over her, next thing she was feeding them and then we noticed she had milk underneath her.”

After consulting with his vet, Mr Trevor was given the green light to hand over the ‘mothering reins’ to Treasure, allowing the piglets to suckle from her, as long as they didn’t hurt her and they received a separate special nutritional feed.

Now Treasure is acting like a full-time mum, and has become very protective of her new adopted babies.

“She is very defensive of them too, if they squeal she comes running,” Mr Trevor said.

The family picked up Treasure 18 months ago as a stray, and don’t know whether she’s been a mother in the past.

“She has become very much a part of the family,” Mr Trevor said.

Owner of the Spectrum Plants Gold Coast Nursery, Mr Trevor recently decided to open his property to the public. 

“We were wholesale and have been struggling for the past four years, and when we opened to the public, people just turned up and loved the place, they love the animals, the surroundings, the nature, the plants and the creek,” he said.

The family’s pets have been a huge hit.

The little piglets, and their adoptive mum, are set to stay on the farm.