'Charming' con man under investigation for tricking vulnerable women

Published: 14 September 2016


A serial ‘love rat’ is under police investigation after he used dating app Tinder to fleece dozens women out of thousands of dollars.

Brett Joseph, from Mudgee, is accused of using a string of aliases to trick his victims into believing his is the heir to the Myer fortune or that he owns a collection of successful race horses.

But little do his victims know that his full-time job is conning vulnerable young women out of money.

Joseph was caught out after a young woman named Daisy Armstrong (one of his victims) took to Facebook to oust the young man.

Ms Armstrong designed a Facebook page to warn others about Joseph’s doings.

“My goal is to get this man’s face and story all over social media so that other girls don’t get caught out, conned and left heartbroken the same way I have been,” she said.

“I am not the first girl he has done this to and if we don’t get his face out there then I won’t be the last.”

Former NSW detective inspector Mick Gerondis believes Joseph also used the alias Hunter Baillieu before convincing the board at St Vincent’s Hospital that he was a Myer heir and was going to donate $12 million to the facility.

“He is a despicable character whose only talent is sponging off women who fall for his stories and trust him,” Mr Gerondis said.

“Since Daisy started the website at least 50 other women have told similar stories.’’

Mr Gerondis said Joseph uses his “charm” to con people.