10 play Trending's Best Of 2018

Published: 17 December 2018

The Bachelor 2018, Olympia Valance from Playing For Keeps and Benji from Australian Survivor

Wonder WAGs and nutjob nannies, Badgelors and blindsides – it was quite a year for TV on 10. These were just some of the things Trending couldn’t stop talking about in 2018

Benji from Australian Survivor

Benji Gets Blindsided

Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders was pretty much perfect, delivering everything we could have possibly hoped for. Turns out what we needed most was smuggins Benji getting his long overdue comeuppance. Our lungs still haven’t recovered from voting with our voices during that Tribal.

Orange Cake with Orange Sauce and Zabaione

The Cake That Broke 10 play

MasterChef’s 10th season cooked up some corkers, but no dish so desired as Gina’s Orange Cake with Orange Sauce and Zabaione. Hungry viewers smashed our servers trying to download the coveted recipe, forcing 10 play to take a little power nap. Cake service was resumed shortly thereafter.

Villains from Neighbours TV Show 2018

Everybody Needs Insane Neighbours

Neighbours  upped the ante this year, becoming one of our fave shows. There was more drama, more salaciousness, more laugh-out-loud moments, heart-warming moments and more villains. So, rather than single out Deadly Mrs Doubtfire, the legit creepiest Nanny we’ve ever seen, or Susan hitting Izzy with a car, or Susan pushing Finn off a cliff, or Therese dating Paul’s much younger son Leo, or Chloe’s borderline escort service, we’re just gonna highlight the whole show. Thanks.

Also, shout out to our monthly Neighbours recaps – Neighbourhood Watch. They're hilarious. 

Connor and Kath from Playing for Keeps making out

Playing for Keeps – All The Buzzwords

Aussie drama. Female-led drama. Glitz. Glamour. Nudity. Bed hopping. Betrayal. Farshun. FOOTY. Strong Performances. Inside Look. Must See TV.

We would have preferred a proper murder to a death by-punch-and-unfortunately-placed-rock, but we’re sickos so, there that is.

2018 Bachelor in Paradise couple Sam and Tara

Sam + Tara = Stara

And all stars fall eventually (we don’t actually know that for a fact, but anyway). Before the relationship between Bachelor in Paradise favourites Sam and Tara fell apart and left us all feeling that love was dead, they shined so bright, getting engaged on the beach in the finale and leaving us with Staras in our eyes.

Tara’s lingo

Seriously, we’re still saying ‘heckers’.

10 play trending wallabies

The Wallabies

There’s always next year. Maybe.

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Some things are too long to read, but when it came to ten daily’s recaps of all things Bachelor and Bachelorette related, we could have watched them for hours. Move over Punkee, Mat Whitehead is wayyyyyyyyyyy more funny. #notbiased

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Gogglebox Gardening Australia

Peonies. Say it really fast.

Ambulance Australia paramedic Josh

Ambulance Australia

Making anxious Nonna’s laugh, offering a helping hand to the mentally ill and surgically removing bodies out of car wreckages. Honestly, who didn’t fantasise about running away and marrying a paramedic (Josh) after watching the series?

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HYBPA? - Bondi Bachelor

HYBPA? killed us with its best season yet – no surprise – but we wouldn’t have predicted the guest host that stole the show: Dr Chris Brown. Even Sam Pang couldn’t throw Mr Perfect off his game, although with their Bachelor-related enquiries, the panel came damn close.

10 play trending daniel ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo Ends Red Bull Chapter

A contender at the start of the year, the fan favourite had a tough time with two wins, eight retirements and a few narrow podium misses. Will there be any more shoeys next season?

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Bickmore’s Bub

An “absolutely besotted’ Carrie Bickmore welcomed her baby girl Adelaide into the world, complete with adorable Insta that made Australia collectively ‘awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.’

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Studio 10 – Revenge Chat

Sarah Harris’ ‘Hard Chat’ with Tom Gleason was a brutally beautiful thing, so when Studio 10 invited him on for a little table-turning, the stakes were high. It didn’t disappoint.

Darren Gilshennan as Terry Roach in Terry's Talks

How To Stay MarriedTerry’s Talks

This subtle comedy from Peter Helliar about middle-aged marriage malaise was a breath of fresh air in a world inundated with relationship shows that end once the couple have finally tied the knot, because no one seems game to mine the mundane reality of long-term love, looking for its comedy.

That aside, Darren Gilshennan as loveable-idiot next door neighbour Terry Roach, was such a highlight, we gave him his own web series. Check. It. Out.

Fun With Ron & Brenda

I’m A Celebrity’s fictional couple extraordinaire, Ron and Brenda – aka Fiona O’Loughlin and Peter Rowsthorn – were simply the best thing to come out of the jungle this year. Who could forget when they tied the knot in the company of their nearest and dearest celebs?

10 plays shorts key art

10 play shorts

Web series is the fastest-growing form of TV and we’re super keen to jump on it. So this year we picked up some great Aussie short-form shows and made a hub for them to live on, which we summed up with this spiffy little line – Short for time but in need of great TV? 10 play shorts has what you need!

Amanda Meets Jurassic World

Amanda Keller caught up with some big stars this season in The Living Room, and while chatting with Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, she learnt the hard way that you should never turn your back on a dino…

10 play trending craig lowndes

Craig Lowndes’ Final Lap

Supercars fan favourite and one of the championship’s most successful drivers farewelled full-time racing at the Newcastle 500. Take a bow, legend.

10 all access key art

The Badgelor Picks No One

The Honey Badger made a season out of saying the unexpected, but no one was prepared for him to replace the three little words we typically expect to hear at a Bachelor finale with these four clunkers: “Thank you for sharing.”

James Corden and Sir Paul McCartney

Carpool Karaoke

James Corden set the Carpool Karaoke bar high in 2018, but no passenger hit the heights of Sir Paul McCartney. Shot in his hometown of Liverpool, it’s a joyous trip through his extraordinary songbook and history. Like Jimbo, you’ll be properly misty by the end.

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Graham Norton – Beckham Hearts Deadpool

The apology of 2018 featured a sharp-tongued superhero, a golden-footed icon, a mariachi band, and smelt like cinnamon and man hugs. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Deadpool begging Becks' forgiveness yet, do so immediately.

Russell Coight

The return of the All Aussie Adventurer prompted the question: how many times can watching someone get hit in the head, balls, chase runaway vehicles and inadvertently injure wildlife be funny? Turns out quite a lot.

archie from secret life of four years olds

Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds

One of the most surprisingly moving shows of the year left us spoilt for choice in the heart-warming department. But it was Archie who managed to take the cake, proving he was the love maestro we needed this year when he gave his heart to Lacey.

Kyle Sandilands in Trial By Kyle

Pilot Week

We took risks, gave you shows you wouldn’t normally watch and then gave YOU the power to vote for the ones you wanted to see turned into a full series. Through ratings, website votes and Social Media buzz, we’ve picked up four huge programs for 2019: Trial By Kyle, Taboo, Kinne Tonight and Bring Back Saturday Night. We’re throwing the doors open to Pilot Week again next year so if you’ve got a brilliant idea for a show, now’s the time to start planning!

The Bachelor 2018 walks along the beach alone

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Stayin Alive!

Things were looking a bit dicey for us last year, but we stood the distance and now we’re part of the CBS family. And they’re big time, people. And big time people. And now we have 10 All Access. Suck it, Stan. (Kidding! We totally love Stan. And Netflix. And basically anything that offers us a constant stream of content. Bed sores, what?).