• Watch the Last Episode

    Neighbours - 24/04/14 —  Ramsay Street goes into lockdown as Brennan clashes with Montague.

  • Farewell Kate Ramsay

    Farewell Kate Ramsay —  Go behind the scenes during the filming of Kate's final episode

  • Backstage on Neighbours

    Brennan proposes - Neighbours Backstage

  • Next on Neighbours

    Neighbours spoiler video Friday 25th April 2014 —  Ep 6870 - The Ramsay Street residents unite in concern over Montague. Brennan is desperate to catch Kate's killer. Josh worries for Doug's state of mind.

  • Brennan On The Run

    Brennan On The Run —  Introducing our brand new webisodes 'Brennan On The Run'. Set during Mark Brennan's time in witness protection, YOU get to choose the outcome of the story, taking control of Brennan as he faces challenges, dodges danger... and encounters a little bit of romance.

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