Binge Watch Heartbreak High On tenplay? Rack Off!

Published: 12 January 2018

Heartbreak High, 2018, tenplay

Whether you want to relive the awesomeness or discover what made it such a hit in its time, everyone can get a real kick out of binging the ‘90’s best teen television show – Heartbreak High. Here’s what you’ll love about it

Heartbreak High, tenplay, 2018


Our lust for the things we loved back in the day doesn’t seem to be subsiding any time soon and if you’re a millennial with a thing for the ‘90s, you could really learn a thing or two from the students of fictional Sydney school, Hartley High.

Heartbreak High, tenplay, 2018

Cultural representation of Australia

From the Oscars to the Logies, diversity on screen is in high demand, and so it should be. But the creators of Heartbreak High were all over that when they created a city school that actually reflected what it was like to go to school in the city – multicultural. As well as Anglo, Greek, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Italian, are just a few examples of the cultural backgrounds of the characters who came from homes where different languages were spoken and who were trying to navigate young adulthood and the different cultural demands of Australian society, and their families.

Heartbreak High, tenplay, 2018

Real issues

The writers of Heartbreak High did not shy away from the heavy-hitting stuff – death, grief, drugs, sex, teen pregnancy, violence, racism – this was Australia’s Degrassi Junior High.

Heartbreak High, tenplay, 2018


These kids did so much blading. Back then, that’s how everybody rolled.

Heartbreak High, tenplay, 2018

‘90s fashion and music

Young people, prepare to be schooled! This is how the clothes were worn, this is what Australian music sounded like. From R&B band Kulcha, to INXS, the Hoodoo Gurus, Hunters and Collectors, Silver Chair, Archie Roach, ripped mum jeans, crop tops, Doc Martins, pattern clashes and flannel shirts that were undone or tied around the waist so everyone could see the chesty Bonds you had on underneath. Grunge and skate clothing reigned supreme. Nothing was very tight fitting. It was a good era.

“Rack off”

It’s coming back, we can feel it.

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