About The Show

Hi-5 House Series 1 continues with our new generation of Hi-5: Lauren Brant, Stevie Nicholson, Dayen Zheng, Ainsley Melham, Mary Lascaris. Join them for tons of fun, adventure, singing, dancing and active learning.

Bright, funny, and packed with upbeat songs and dancing, Hi-5 is definitely not couch potato viewing! Hi-5 is specifically designed for children between two and six years old. Different children learn in different ways so HI-5's educational content is specifically catered to different learning styles. It is a vibrant mix of stories, investigation, imagination and adventure. Hi-5 invites children to actively share the excitement of exploring the world through movement, lots of music and laughter.

Series 1 introduces an exciting new concept to the Hi-5 world - the Hi-House! The Hi-5 House is where the team lives and plays - a place that's full of fun, friendship and endless imaginative possibilities. The house is bright, colourful and warm and invites children to play along. It's like a home, a place that children can relate to and enjoy. Each presenter has their own special place in the HI-5 House, a room that is perfect for doing what they each love best... and then there's the Hi-5 lounge - a place for the presenters to gather and share stories together.

In every episode, a child-centred theme is explored through a range of segments, with each segment focusing on a particular area of learning: verbal, musical, visual, mathematical, physical and social. At the end of every episode, there is either a shared story or a visit to The Chatterbox. The stories use humour and songs to explore feelings, situations and interpersonal interaction, and open up a shared world of magic and imagination. In the Chatter Box, a new segment developed for the Hi-5 House, children are given a window into Chats' magical world. We meet some new friends - including a robot named, 'Tinka'. Chats and her friends explore English words and phrases as they go on funny adventures together.

Songs and music integrate all the different areas, with a focus of the show being the 'Song of the Week.' This introduces the weekly theme and is played at the start and finish of each episode.