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Tim Faulkner

Tim Faulkner

Tim Faulkner

General Manager at the Australian Reptile Park

Tim describes his real passion as “Australian wildlife, their management within zoos, the education of people who visit the zoos and their conservation within their natural habitat”.

Tim is playing an important role in the Tasmanian devil mainland breeding program. The iconic Tasmanian devil is nearing extinction from the devil facial tumour disease. The Australian Reptile Park became involved when the breeding program started in 2006 and Tim is extremely proud that the Park has bred more devils than any other establishment.

Tim’s work with the Australian Reptile Park’s venom program sees him handle the world’s deadliest snakes and spiders to produce venom which is then made into anti-venom at the Commonwealth Serum Laboratory.

Starting work at age 14 seemed natural to Tim Faulkner. His first employer was Featherdale Wildlife Park in Western Sydney and Tim remembers it as a great place to start a career in zookeeping because of its focus on native Australian animals.

Almost a decade later, Tim joined the Australian Reptile Park as Senior Curator and is now General Manager. Tim has worked at the Reptile Park for eight years and values the its proactive conservation efforts, which enable him to work with some of Australia’s rarest most endangered species and their species management programs within captivity.

Tim has travelled extensively throughout Australia to see some of the world’s most pristine environments – from Cape York to see some of the world’s most beautiful rainforests and species such as palm cockatoos and the spotted cuscus, to Tasmania to work with the endangered Tasmanian devil. Tim loves observing animals in the wild and often implements things he has seen in the natural environment to assist with the care of captive animals.

A zookeeper for over a decade now, Tim is also a favourite with the media. Chatty and likeable, he has been a regular on Bondi Vet for three years and has his own segment each episode.

Originally from Sydney, Tim and his wife Lizzy now live in Wamberal on the NSW Central Coast and have two sons, Billy (4) and Matthew (2).

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