David Attenborough Living with Baboons

Living with Baboons

For five years Mat Pines has lived in the wilds of Ethiopia, studying a troop of baboons in the Awash National Park. Though violent and dangerous, these baboons now consider Mat as part of their family and he has grown to love them too. He spends each and every day studying his new family – a troupe of around 100 Hamadryas baboons, most days they even come and groom him. His closeness has given astounding new insights into their behaviour and group psyche, with suprisingly violent results. He has witnessed how hundreds of males join together for pitched bloody battles between rival clans to steal females for their harems, their huge canines inflicting terrible damage.

But if the baboons are bad, their neighbours are even worse. The warlike Afar tribe have started threatening to shoot the baboons and take over their land for grazing…and to shoot Mat too if he tries to get in the way. Living with Baboons follows Mat as he tries to broker a complicated peace between the tribe and his new baboon family, with only a year left before he must leave Ethiopia. Can Mat negotiate a truce between man and monkey?

Did you know?

The Awash National Park is located at the southern tip of the Afar Region, Ethiopia, and covers at least 756 square kilometers of acacia woodland and grassland.

The Afar nomads have a very unique culture, with daily life consisting of tending to livestock including goats, camels, and cattle, which are very important to their economy?