Don't Tell The Bride Kate Ritchie
Don't Tell The Bride Kate Ritchie
You're watching Don't Tell The Bride Kate Ritchie Kate shares her top tips for grooms planning a wedding

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Kate Ritchie

Sat 01 Jan 2000

Kate shares her top tips for grooms planning a wedding

About The Show

A young couple who are madly in love, but can’t afford to marry, are given $25,000 for the wedding of their dreams. But there’s a catch, this is Don’t Tell The Bride, and the groom has to arrange the entire wedding without any help of his beloved wife-to-be.

The pressure is on as the groom has only three weeks to impress his bride and plan the most important day of their lives.

The only assistance comes in the form of the best man, who will accompany our young Romeo as they discover that the devil is in the detail. From the venue, car and flowers to the hair, make-up and the all-important dress, every detail will be left in their not-so-delicate hands.

Our bride is kept in the dark about her big day and what her husband-to-be has planned (or not planned). To top it off, she will have absolutely no contact with the groom until she walks down the aisle!

Will the most memorable day of her life be the fairytale she imagined? Maybe the groom will forget to invite the guests! Will he think that the voluptuous bridesmaids look great in lime green boob tube-style dresses? Or will he skimp on the reception by having it at the local pub?