Shark Tips From Tom Carroll

Published: 10 January 2019

shark safe tips

There's always the thought of sharks whenever we head to the beach in summer, so how can we protect ourselves? Surfing legend Tom Carroll shares his tips.

1. Download the Dorsal App for iPhone or Android – Dorsal is a free community-based shark alerting solution that allows beachgoers and authorities to immediately alert others to shark sighting or attacks in their area.

2. Wear a scientifically proven shark deterrent – Ocean Guardian products are powered by Shark Shield Technology, the world’s only scientifically proven electrical shark deterrent, nothing is more effective.

3. Stay out of the water at night, dawn, or dusk – Sharks are most active at these times and are well equipped to locate prey even when visibility is poor.

4. Refrain from excessive splashing – Unpredictable movements can attract sharks. If you are spearfishing and carrying fish when you see a shark, release the catch and carefully leave the area.

5. Don't wear high-contrast clothing or light reflecting jewellery – Sharks see contrast very well and light reflecting objects may appear to be fish scales.

6. Swim, surf or dive with a buddy – Sharks most often attack lone individuals.

7. Avoid murky waters, harbour entrances, channels, and steep drop-offs – Sharks frequently swim around these areas.

8. Swim in patrolled beaches – Surf lifesavers look for sharks and will alert beach-goers if there is a sighting.

9. Don't enter the water if bleeding – Sharks have an excellent sense of smell and taste and can trace blood to its source.

10. Avoid areas where animal, human, or fish waste enters the water – Sewage attracts baitfish, which in turn attracts sharks.

11. If fish or turtles start to act frantically, leave the water – They may be behaving this way because there is a shark nearby.