The Bachelorette Australia Snow For Sophie
The Bachelorette Australia Snow For Sophie
You're watching The Bachelorette Australia Snow For Sophie On their ice skating date Blake has prepared a little surprise for Sophie

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Snow For Sophie

Thu 19 Oct 2017

On their ice skating date Blake has prepared a little surprise for Sophie


About The Show

Sophie Monk has been a household name for nearly two decades and while Australians think they know her, they are about to see the real Sophie: raw and vulnerable.

While she has dated a string of high-profile rock stars and actors, the unlucky-in-love singer, actress and radio personality’s days of falling for the wrong guys are behind her.

Her mum suggested that she would make the perfect Bachelorette, so now Sophie is putting her trust in The Bachelorette Australia to help her find the kind of love that will see her finally settle down and have the family she so desperately desires.

The 37-year-old is searching for a genuine man who will be loyal, make her laugh, protect her and be there for her through thick and thin. She knows that in order to find the man worthy of her heart, she must let her guard down and reveal her vulnerabilities.

Over the coming weeks, Sophie will meet some of Australia’s most eligible Bachelors.

Armed with her trademark self-deprecating humour, Sophie will spend time with the Bachelors on unforgettable dates, guaranteed to see viewers laughing and crying alongside her.

Host Osher Günsberg presides over the nerve-wracking rose ceremonies, where Sophie will present single red roses to each Bachelor with whom she would like to spend more time. Any Bachelor left without a rose must say his goodbyes and leave the mansion.

In the final weeks, as her feelings grow, Sophie will travel to the remaining Bachelors’ hometowns to be introduced to those most important to them: their family and friends.

The finalists will then join Sophie on an incredible adventure to a beautiful overseas location, where they will not only have the opportunity to meet her wonderful family but learn who she sees a future with and who, ultimately, wins her heart.

This is the chance to see a side of Sophie that Australia has not seen before, as she searches for real love.

Hosted by Osher Günsberg, The Bachelorette Australia is a Warner Bros. Australia production for Network Ten.

The Bachelorette is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production for Network Ten based on the format created by Mike Fleiss and distributed by Warner Bros. International Television Production Limited. The Bachelorette is a trademark of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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