The lobster plot thickens…allegedly

Published: 09 August 2017

Matthew Guy

Today in the ‘Matthew Guy and the alleged mob boss’ story…

Matthew Guy explains…
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Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy says a man who claims to have organised a dinner between him and alleged mafia boss should step down from his Liberal Party role.

Mr Guy maintains he met with long-time Liberal supporter Frank Lamattina and his cousin, alleged Melbourne mafia boss Tony Madafferi, at the Lobster Cave in April to discuss issues around fruit and vegetable markets.

But recordings obtained by Fairfax Media cites the Liberal Party's Dunkley federal electorate conference secretary Barrie MacMillan suggesting the dinner he organised was set up to solicit donations. "They want to give Matthew a substantial donation ...," Mr MacMillan said according to a recording obtained by Fairfax.

"This is something that he's going to have to explain," Mr Guy told reporters.

"It was not a donations dinner, Mr MacMillan can say whatever he likes, I was there, I went there.

"I think he'll move on and I think that will be the right thing to do, I'll talk to the state president about how we do that today."

He said he spent three hours on Tuesday night talking with Victorian Liberal president Michael Kroger on the issue.

After laughing off reports on Tuesday that he drank Penfolds' exclusive Grange at the dinner because he doesn't drink red wine, Mr Guy on Wednesday said: "If someone puts something in front of you out of politeness and fills it, do you leave it or do you not?"

Mr Guy insists donations were never discussed, they have never been received from anyone at the dinner and has referred the scandal to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission.

But he also doesn't think a political rival is setting him up.

"No, I don't' think I've been set up at all," Mr Guy said.

He insists he did not know Mr Madafferi would be at the dinner until he was already there, his staff did not recognise the name when given a guest list and political donations were never discussed.

On Tuesday he admitted a guest list was passed on to his office but staff did not realise Antonio Madafferi was the same as Tony Madafferi.

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