Statements from Coles, Woolworths and Aldi

Published: 13 July 2017

Coles Woolies Aldi

Regarding the impact on farmers of an egg-based price war

At Woolworths we are focused on providing great value for our customers as well as access to a great variety of quality local free range eggs across our stores.

To continue to provide our customers with the best value, we work hard to ensure we always deliver competitive pricing for our customers.

Our long-term agreements for free range egg supply means that the recent price reduction was worn by Woolworths and not passed on to farmers.

Additionally we are supporting farmers further with significant marketing investment in the branded egg category. This includes introducing branded eggs into our Prices Dropped campaign to drive further awareness of this range.


“Coles has invested millions of dollars into lowering these prices of our Coles Brand free range eggs to make them more affordable for families. We are working with our suppliers and working more efficiently to reduce costs to invest in better value.”

The price drop is jointly funded so we've worked with our suppliers to lower the price.


ALDI has absorbed the cost of these price reductions with no impact on the suppliers. We do not support the introduction of pricing levels that are unsustainable in the long-term and may put pressure on the supply chain. When pricing adjustments are needed, we work closely with our suppliers to reduce any negative impact and achieve the best possible outcome for their operations and our customers.