Let Mojgan Stay

Published: 17 March 2017


Iranian asylum seeker, Mojgan, is pleading to stay in Australia.

Kimberley College rallying to release Mojgan from a detention centre in 2015.

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Almost 75,000 people have signed an online petition calling for an Iranian asylum seeker to be allowed to stay in Australia.

Mojgan Shamsalipoor, whose bridging visa expires within days, says her life has been "rebuilt" since arriving in Australia in 2012.

In a piece she wrote for news.com.au, Mojgan said, “It was only through living in Australia I realised that, as a woman, I have a right to be respected. Back in Iran, my stepfather did one of the worse things you can do to a girl. He took my innocence by force… Now Minister Dutton could send me back there…”

As of Friday afternoon, a Change.org petition calling on Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to let her stay in the country to apply for a partner visa had received 73, 184 signatures.

It comes just a few months after Lulu Jemimah, a Uganda-born student, was deported from Australia because of a Visa deadline. This is despite Lulu receiving over 10,000 signatures on an online petition to let her stay.

Mojgan said, "I went to high school here, made incredible friends and married a beautiful man," it reads.

"But in just a matter of days my bridging visa expires, and unless Minister Dutton allows me to apply for permanent residency, I could be forced back into detention or worse, to Iran."

Ms Shamsalipoor is on her second bridging visa and was previously placed into detention following a failed visa application in August 2015.

The Change.org petition was posted on Tuesday after the young woman's plight was detailed in an episode of Australian Story.

"It is nothing to do with the policies, it is nothing to do with the government, it is just to do with two people who love each other so much and they want to live together," Ms Shamsalipoor's husband, Milad Jafari, told the ABC program.

If you’d like to sign Mojgan’s petition, please click here.

Mojgan will be chatting to The Project tonight.

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