How a minute of your time can help a child in need

Published: 13 March 2018

Give a minute of your time

A small sacrifice can make a big difference

Image © 2018 UNICEF Australia

You probably don’t think about how much each minute of your time is worth.

You get 1,440 of them every day, and it’s probably fair to say that you waste a few of them doing things that aren’t that worthwhile. So just what is each minute worth to you?

Humanitarian children’s organisation UNICEF Australia are happy to do the calculation for you. If you enter your salary (privately) at the web site at, they’ll work out what each one minute slice of your working year is worth.

UNICEF says that even just a minute’s worth of your salary could help protect children from violence.

“So let’s say you make $50,000 a year,” explains UNICEF’s Jennifer Tierney, “if you do the calculation on, that will come out to just 41 cents a minute, and everyone can afford to give just one minute of their annual salary.”

Because around the world, every minute, an average of 17 teenage girls are raped. Every 5 minutes, a child dies through violence.

And every day, at least 8 million young children are beaten or physically punished. In fact UNICEF data from last year found that 63% of children aged 2-4 years old around the world experienced physical punishment in a single month.

UNICEF will take your minute donation (or more) and use it to help protect children and support young victims in Papua New Guinea, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

“Whether children are victims of corporal violence in schools in Cambodia, where UNICEF is working with teachers to end that practice,” adds Jennifer, “or whether they are victims of sexual violence that we all heard about coming out of the Royal Commission, it’s a problem of global scale.”

If you’ve spent a minute reading this, surely it’s not too much to give the gift of a minute helping out.

Donate a minute of your time now at