Laws and Price break the ice

Published: 15 May 2017

The Project When Lawsie met Pricey
The Project When Lawsie met Pricey
You're watching The Project When Lawsie met Pricey The two shock jocks have been having a feud through the media, so what happened when Steve Price sat down opposite John Laws to discuss his career?

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Tonight, a candid interview between the feuding radio stars

Earlier this year, there was no question Steve Price and John Laws were arch enemies.

In a conversation in the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here jungle, the Project host revealed that they’d had an ongoing tit-for-tat ever since Steve was dumped from 2UE’s breakfast slot.

He said that Laws gave him a big hug at the boxing, in the wake of the news, which had not yet broken – only for Pricey to realise that it was a show for the cameras.

He said he later took revenge when asked to provide a contribution to a celebration of Laws’ 50 years in radio.

"I said the thing that always struck me about John Laws is he's got very weird hair," Pricey told his campmates. "It looks like it is green and fake.

"The next day I'm sitting in my office and he gets off air and my producers are out there, about three of them, and I see them all scatter away and he comes through the door. "You f***ing little b*****d. If you ever do that again I'll f***ing smash you. I'm like, 'Do it now, don't wait'."

In the wake of Pricey’s jungle revelations, Laws hit back, with a message which he delivered on Fitzy and Wippa’s radio show.

“Hey Steve, if you happen to be listening: go f**k yourself.”

And once he was evicted from the jungle, Pricey had responded with his own advice for the 81-year-old known as ‘The Golden Tonsils’.

“Mate, disappear — you’re a legend... but give it away son, you’ve had your time at the top.”

So at The Project, we thought it was about time we pitted these two titans of radio against one another, to have it out face-to-face.

Tune in to The Project tonight to see how it all played out.