Published: 06 October 2017

space balloon

A company is offering to send ashes into space.

Our caption: A balloon heading into ash-ridden space
Image © 2017 World View via AP 

A British company, Ascension Flights, is offering an out of this world service- scattering your loved one’s ashes in space.

It was created by two graduates from the University of Sheffield who pitched the idea on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, much like Network Ten’s Shark Tank.

As it mentions on their website, the ashes are sent “100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface.” And when the particles return to Earth, the “precipitation will form around them, creating raindrops and snowflakes.” So not great news for anybody who drinks recycled water.

According to the Telegraph, Co-founder Dr Chris Rose said, “Many of the first generation of space fans intoxicated by space flight will never experience the thrill of looking back at the Earth… We feel it’s the ultimate send off for a life well lived.”

The company offers three different packages, ranging from $1300 AUD to over $3,000 AUD, which includes video and still imagery of the flight, against the backdrop of the earth from space.

However, it doesn’t stop there, the website mentions that “after the delivery payload returns, we can return a ceremonial portion of the ashes from the journey to you…”

It sounds like the perfect send-off for any adventurous loved one. The first flight is scheduled for November.