5 Things We Learned From Wisdom of the Crowd

Published: 06 November 2017

Wisdom of the Crowd Channel Ten

The Net, it’s not just for cat videos and ‘likes’. So says Wisdom of the Crowd, the new cyber drama starring Entourage’s Jeremy Piven as tech innovator and grieving father on a mission to find his daughter’s killer

Tech giants rule the world

Forget the government, the military, or any other regulatory bodies for that matter, it’s the moguls of modern technology like Wisdom of the Crowd’s Jeffrey Tanner (Jeremy Piven), CEO of a popular social media aggregator, who have the real power.

Convinced the wrong guy is serving time for his daughter’s murder, Tanner does what anyone with limitless wealth and influence would do: he sells his business and dedicates his life to finding his child’s killer, with a little help from the World Wide Web.


Social media is not just for cat videos and checking up on your exes

We turn to the internet to laugh, shop, even to find love, so why not to solve crime? Enter ‘Sophe,’ an online hub developed by Tanner and his team of computer geniuses where members of the public can submit and dissect evidence.

Tanner believes Sophe, or more to the point, its users, can succeed in doing what traditional law enforcement cannot: actually catch the bad guys. Naturally, when he throws out a cool $100 million reward for info on his daughter’s murder, inboxes start exploding with ‘leads.’


Seeya cops; people - and pug - power is where it’s at

You may be asking the same question Tanner’s uniformed lackey, Detective Cavanaugh, asked – "how is a bunch of people arguing on the internet better than police work?"

But Tanner likens this whole crowdsourcing-crime-solving-evidence thing to sifting through “dirt” to find “gold,” and when Sophe is quickly put to the test, tracking two suspects to a park, he is vindicated –  a Sophe user risks her and her pug’s (!) lives, approaching the potentially armed suspects, and live streams their juicy, potentially incriminating conversation.

Who needs cops when you’ve got brave citizens with pugs!


It’s ok to breach privacy and endanger lives if you’re on a noble quest

Sure, Tanner and co. hacked into the heroic dog walker’s mobile phone signal, but that’s ok because it was for a good cause and no one got hurt. Things don’t end so well for an innocent ride-share driver, who was beaten up after video footage of him near Tanner’s daughter’s apartment was published on Sophe. Oops.

San Fran begins to look a lot like 17th century Salem because, funnily enough, it’s often difficult to control free-thinking individuals on a witch hunt. Who’da thought?


Cops are actually tops

When the public close in on an actual bad guy, the police arrive, nabbing (saving?) him before a citizen’s arrest/ lynching/ full-scale riot breaks out. Despite the ‘cops suck’ stance at the start of the episode, it’s pretty evident that the town is indeed big enough for both Tanner and Cavanaugh, and it looks like this odd couple have a lot of work ahead them.


Wisdom of the Crowd airs 8.30 Sundays on TEN, and catch up on tenplay