Nintendo to release retro console

Published: 21 April 2017


Without exaggerating, any nineties teen can honestly say that the introduction of the Super Nintendo (SNES) was the second greatest day of their life.

(The first being the arrival of Nintendo 64)

In an era before the internet, before app makers were able to shoehorn games into everything from your phone to calculator. The Super Nintendo was simply magic, bringing untold joy into our homes like we have never seen before.

While there is the very high possibility that we could be severely let down, after being desensitised to technology after the incredible breakthroughs in the past  two decades, there’s rumours Nintendo is about to let us relive the magic all over again, re-releasing the Super Nintendo, for those who loved it, and want to show their kids how amazing it was.


It has been told that the gaming world is abuzz with word Japanese giant Nintendo have plans to release a new version of the SNES, one of the most-loved gaming consoles of all-time.

According to gaming sites around the world, the SNES Classic Mini is expected to be the latest retro release, following the massively successful NES Classic Mini from 2016.

Nintendo have yet to release official word on the SNES, but sources close to the company confirmed the news to Eurogamer.


The SNES, (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), sold a goliath 20 million units, releasing in the UK in 1992 two years after launching in Japan as the Super Famicon.

It featured the massive hits such as The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, and Donkey Kong Country.

If the release is anything like the NES Classic Mini, it is sure to be a smash hit.

The NES Classic Mini sold out extremely fast, and the consoles ended up on eBay being flogged for extreme prices.

It’s believed the discontinuation of the NES Classic Mini was due to the planned release of the SNES Classic Mini this year.