Young woman’s selfie goes viral for the unexpected reason

Published: 21 April 2017


A young woman’s selfie has gone viral and for all the wrong reasons.

Known online as ‘Shelbs’, the US woman posted an innocent image (#mirrorselfie) of herself wearing a grey dress, captioning the photo “sundress season”.

But there’s one small fault, her room is a sty. And Twitter hasn’t been very nice.

Taking the term ‘floordrobe’ to another level, barely an inch of carpet can be seen on Shelbs’ floor. While her clothes have also made their way to her curtain hanging.

The image has since been inundated with comments, many coming from disgusted and confused social media users.


“You clearly went through other seasons before coming to that,” one person joked.

Another said, “I would have a panic attack if my room looked like this.”

While one described the room as looking like a “war zone”.

A number of people also offered their cleaning services, and others even took to PhotoShop to edit Shelbs into tidy bedrooms.

Moral of the story? Tidy up before posting a selfie.