Canadians warned over car licking moose on the loose

Published: 16 December 2016


Officials in western Canada are warning motorists not to interact with moose that are licking people’s cars.

Alberta Parks, the organization that runs the provincial parks system, issued a warning** about the animals approaching vehicles in parking lots and licking salt from the sides of the cars.

“Please be aware of a moose warning in the Chester Lake and Burstall Pass parking lots and the trails near the lots.”

The moose are reportedly drawn to the parking lots of Peter Lougheed Provincial Park because of the road salt that can be found spattered on the sides of vehicles parked there.


The park advises to use the car horn or a remote door alarm to deter the moose, but urges people not to attempt to push the animal away from their vehicle while on foot.

The park said the recommended moose viewing distances is 30m.

Canadian male moose typically weigh between 450 and 500 kg, while females run between 340 and 420 kg.