Parents urged to kick their kids out of home by aged 20

Published: 07 February 2017 Image credit: The Property Mentors


Australian parents are being urged to kick their children out of home by the time they turn 20, as experts warn not doing so could lead to future problems.

Life skills coach Michele Jones told News Corp that children should live independently by the age of 20 otherwise parents could have trouble persuading their kids to leave home.

Despite most parents’ best intentions, she also argued that allowing your adult children to live at home could make your child feel non-resourceful and incapable of living in the world on their own.

Ms Jones said a lot of parents think that by letting the kids stay at the family nest for longer allows them more time to save for the purchase of their own home, however, that’s where they are mistaken.

“A recent Household, Income and Labour Dynamics survey of 17,000 found those who left home after the age of 25 earned $6000 less than those who fled the nest earlier,” Ms Jones told News Corp.


One quarter of Australians aged between 20 and 24 still live with their parents, likely due to cost of living, university fees and safety concerns.

However, while many young Australian adults are still living with their parents, mainly for financial reasons, some are actually helping pay off their parents’ mortgages, according to new book Multigenerational Family Living.

Anthea Szemeti, 19, who is about to move out of home and into a college at Melbourne University, told News Corp that 20 is too young and that majority of Australians would still be studying at that age.

“Twenty is before most people have finished uni, so it could put a lot of extra pressure on them,” she said.

“It seems unnecessary to say they should move out by then regardless of circumstances.”