Man charged over sickening animal cruelty after dog shot through head with spear gun

Published: 23 January 2018 Image credit: Facebook


A man has been charged over a shocking case of animal cruelty, accused of breaking into a neighbour’s home and shooting her dog through the head with a spear gun on the NSW Central Coast.

Millie, a brown Labrador cross, has undergone surgery at a veterinary clinic in Sydney’s Homebush.  She’s now off life support and “doing quite well,” according to her owner Kim Lott, but they’ll “have to wait and see” as veterinarians slowly begin to wake the dog up.

Ms Lott says the sickening attack happened while she was at work, and was the result of a dispute with her 45-year-old neighbour of 15 years, a married father of four, over the dog barking.

Police allege the man forced entry into her Woy Woy home about midday yesterday, and hit Millie over the head.

He then allegedly got the dog out of the house, where she became stuck between a fence and the garage wall.  Police say he then fired a spear gun and struck Millie through the head.

Ms Lott says she’s not holding up well in the wake of the attack.

“I’m just gutted,” she said.  “He’s been a neighbour for 15 years, I don’t know what to say.  I’m just gutted. She was a beautiful dog. My grandkids all loved her, she just loved the kids.

“I’m still in shock, I just can’t believe what’s happened. It’s such a beautiful dog – all because she was barking.”


Photo: Millie's owner Kim Lott says she is not doing well after her dog was viciously attacked.

Ms Lott said she took all steps to resolve the dispute with the neighbour, and never imagined her dog would be attacked.

“We’ve had talks about it, I’ve done everything I can, I’ve rung the ranger, I’ve guarded my house up so they don’t see the dog, because the dog does not like the man next door.”

She said she’s heard from neighbours the man has thrown things at the fence and “agitated” Millie in the past.

She said she also put up security cameras around her house to monitor how long the dog was barking, and that it amounted to about an hour per day, but that the cameras and surveillance equipment was stolen after the man entered her house.

Ms Lott also said the man pushed an outside barbeque against a doggie door, so the dog’s exit from the house was blocked.

Mille also suffered a collapsed lung, the result of what Ms Lott says was “a beating” at the hands of her neighbour.

“I just can’t believe it’s happened,” Ms Lott said. 

She said she’d never had any problems with her neighbour before she got Millie. 

“Only since I got my dog because it was barking,” she said.

Ms Lott said she no longer wants to live in her home knowing what her neighbour has allegedly done to her dog. 

“I’m scared stiff now. I live by myself.  Millie was my protector, slept with me all the time. Just a beautiful dog,” she said.

“She’s the best thing, she’s such a character.” 

The man was arrested and charged with committing an act of aggravated animal cruelty, firing a spear gun to injure a person or property and breaking and entering into a house to steal goods worth less than $60,000.

He will front Gosford Local Court today.