Female applicants to be given preference for firefighting jobs

Published: 13 March 2017


Women will be given priority when applying for a firefighting role in the Northern Territory in a bid to create a gender balance in the force, NT News reports.

According to reports there are about 200 paid firefighters across the NT, and only four of those are women.

The new rules, approved by the Office of Commissioner for Public Employment, will not lower entry requirements for women.

NT Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services acting executive director Jenny Willis said it’s an “absolute requirement that all successful candidates will have to meet the standards that are currently in place.”

“No standards are being lowered, we just want more women interested in a firefighting career who can meet those standards to apply,” she added.

The approved “special measures” plan will give females – who successfully complete all prerequisite testing and assessments – preference.

“All applicants will be assessed at the same time and against the same standard, however following assessment, preference in selection will be given to female applicants assessed as suitable,” Ms Willis told the NT News.

It is understood a recruitment course which was to kick-off in February was delayed to increase the number of female applicants.