Brisbane woman jailed after spending wrongly deposited money

Published: 21 March 2017 Image credit: AAP


A Brisbane woman has been jailed for fraud after going on a spending spree with $100,000 which was wrongly deposited in her account.

Mother-of-four Wendy Janine Baulch reportedly failed to repay any of the $93,458 which had been accidently deposited in her account – although $28,982 was frozen by the bank – the court heard.

The Courier Mail reports the money was supposed to be returned to a discount chemist chain which lost it.

Ms Baulch is accused of spending more than $60,000 on a month-long cruise and cash withdrawals.

Since Ms Baulch only had $5000 in her account when the additional cash was deposited “it must have been obvious that this transfer, was by mistake”, Judge Gary Long said.

The court heard that just three days after the money was deposited into her account, she booked a 36-day cruise from Miami to Sydney.

She then flew from Brisbane to Los Angeles and then Miami the following day before withdrawing $15,000 in spending money used for “items of indulgence”, barrister Bruce Mumford said.

The Courier Mail reports that she then booked another 30-day cruise from Sydney to Myanmar, but was arrested the day before she was scheduled to depart.

It is understood she was unemployed and house sitting when she was arrested in Sydney on February 10, 2015.

Since her arrest Ms Baulch has been a Bible student at the Nazarene Theological College and planned to join the Salvation Army.

However, Judge Long said she has shown little corporation with authorities and sentenced her to 10 months’ jail, to be suspended after three months.