NBN to release monthly progress reports

Published: 13 March 2018 Image credit: Reuters


The NBN has unveiled a new monthly progress report, which aims to track service, faults and improvements across the network.

It’s hoped this regular report will improve the quality of service for the one in three Australians who already use the NBN, many of whom have experienced interruptions and slow speeds during peak usage times.

NBN Co Chief Customer Officer Brad Whitcomb says the network is working to provide solutions to problems, and welcomes the public to track its progress and hold it accountable for what is and isn’t working.

“We recognise not only how important it is to build the network but to improve the level of customer experience…. we know that there is more work that we need to do and we invite you to track our progress on this new report we’re putting out,” he said.

The reports will track areas of highest customer concern, including initial set up and user experience, demonstrating how faults are handled and how long it takes to resolve customer complaints.

The NBN has been riddled with customer complaints since the service began rolling out in 2013.  Currently 6.3 million Australians are able to connect, although many have reported ongoing connectivity problems, slow speeds, poor customer service and have had to increase their plan spending to get better service.

Despite the issues, NBN Co is confident its service is on track, saying that “99.9% of the time, the network is available to customers” and that the regular reports will help them to identify and resolve the problems with the network.

NBN Co says it’s well on its way to providing eight million Australian homes and businesses with the service by 2020.

The reports will be available to everyone at NBN.com.au.