Man dumps blind, hearing impaired girlfriend in remote outback

Published: 19 May 2017


A man who abandoned his blind, hear-impaired girlfriend who suffers from kidney failure in the middle of the desert has been jailed.

The Supreme Court labelled Kenneth Mututa’s crime as “particularly callous” and sentenced him to two years and six months behind bars.

He had pleaded guilty to failing to provide his 36-year-old girlfriend with the necessities of life, as well as two aggravated assaults.

The court heard Mr Mututa initially attacked the woman by punching her in the face which left her with a cut lip and loose tooth.

He then abandoned his girlfriend who eventually woke and began following the train tracks – accidently heading south, therefore deeper into bushland.

Eventually a passing train, which almost hit Mr Mututa’s victim, stopped and came to her aide.

According to the NT News the horror unfolded along a remote stretch of bushland south of Alice Springs.

Justice Trevor Riley said Mr Mututa could have killed the woman, describing it as “good fortune” that she escaped death or serious injury.

“Had the train not arrived, and the operators been so observant, she could easily have perished while walking south rather than north,” he said.

“(Girlfriend) must have known how helpless she would be in those circumstances.”

Mr Mututa will be eligible for parole in two months having already served 14 months behind bars since he was arrested, according to the NT News.