The drug addiction causing generations of crime

Published: 24 May 2017


Data from Queensland Courts revealed more than two children are fronting Gold Coast courts every day, as the drug epidemic sweeps the region.

Now, one leading lawyer is saying that Unintelligent parents having too many children and succumbing to drug abuse, are sparking a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, the sobering court statistics revealed 866 minors appeared in Southport Children’s Court in 2015-16, which was a 50 percent increase on the 577 who fronted court the year prior.

The news comes after a 12-year-old boy, armed with a knife and bike, was charged with armed robbery over an incident at an Upper Coomera service station.

On Monday we reported that Bond University Dean of Medicine Professor Peter Jones is calling on the government to encourage ‘poorer families’ to have less children out of fear many children are ending up in foster care.

He said placing children in out-of-home care can have serious repercussions, despite many people believing it to be a “safe option”.

“We need to ask politically charged questions, such as should we be developing policies that encourage disadvantaged families to have fewer children?” Professor Jones wrote in a paper published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

“If foster care was a drug and had to be approved as treatment for child abuse and neglect, I think there’s a very high chance it would not be funded by the government because it’s highly expensive, doesn’t show any benefit and winds up doing real harm.”

Speaking to the Gold Coast Bulletin, lawyer Michael Gatenby is reported as saying most young defendants were in foster care, or not living at home with their parents.

He believes the drug ‘ice’ is the “worst thing” that has happened to a number of local parents, who become addicted and can no longer take care of their kids.

Mr Gatenby describes it as a drug which “takes hold”.

“There’s no halfway with ice,” he said.

“You say to them, ‘You need to give up the drug or you’re going to lose your kids’. Inevitably, they just can’t give up the drug. People act so irrationally on ice and they don’t care about anything else but the drug.”

There are currently about 650 Gold Coast children in out-of-home care, according to the state government.