More than 50,000 guns recovered in fresh gun amnesty

Published: 06 October 2017


Authorities have announced the results of a fresh crackdown on unlicensed firearms, the first carried out since 1996.

More than 50,000 unregistered guns were handed in to police over the last three months, including a palm-sized pistol, a near-100-year-old handgun, and even a rocket launcher.

NSW handed in almost half of all collected firearms, with Queensland handing in 16,000 and the rest of the states a few thousand apiece.

The guns collected ranged from antique pre-1900 weapons and guns from both World Wars, to modern semi-automatic firearms and modified shotguns.

More than 650,000 guns were handed in to authorities in the first buyback scheme in 1996, which was introduced along with stricter gun laws by the Howard Government in response to the Port Arthur massacre.

There have been several smaller, state-based amnesties since then, but no national collection until this year.

All firearms collected will be destroyed, except for a select few antiques.