Police investigating after man steals chickens from school

Published: 12 October 2017


A poultry poacher has left students of a north Melbourne school devastated after making off with two pet chickens in the middle of the night.

The man is caught on security vision breaking into St Mark’s Parish Primary School on September 29 at about 1am to steal one chicken, before returning at 6am to steal another one.

The two chickens stolen, Fluffy and Nugget, were part of a coop of four kept by the students to teach the children about responsibility.

The eggs from the chickens were given to the needy in the local area, and also used in cooking classes for the children.

Principal Peter Wilson said the theft had left Fluffy and Nugget’s carers heartbroken.

“[The thief must be] quite a callous and heartless person who had no forethought or care about the wellbeing of our kids,” he told Ten Eyewitness News.

“The kids were quite traumatised to think that someone would break into their safe space while they were on holidays and take their beloved pets.”

Mr Wilson said the four chickens would lay between 12-14 eggs a week altogether, and would be sorely missed by both the children and the community.

“We certainly would love to have them back, if the thief is out there and watching this we’d like him to know the impact he’s had on us,” he said.

The two remaining chickens were also affected by the incident, but have since returned to pecking order.

Police are investigating the incident.