Bushwalker claims to have spotted mythical creature

Published: 07 September 2016


The Himalayan Yeti, the North American Sasquatch, the Yowie or simply 'Bigfoot'.

We’ve all heard of them, but whether you’re a believer or not could be an entirely different story.

A Queensland woman claims to have spotted the mythical Australian Yowie while hiking in the Darling Downs mountain ranges near Toowoomba.

In an interview posted to the Yowie Hunters YouTube channel, the woman claims she was just six-metres away from the mythical beast.


"It was probably around seven foot tall, it had a head like a gorilla and long arms, I couldn't see it from the waist down because it was walking through the long grass," she said.

The bushwalker said the creature sat down in the long grass and ignored her. She tried to get it to turnaround but was careful not to aggravate it.

She likened the creatures’ size to gorilla, describing it to have “big, broad shoulders”.

And is she a believer?

“I thought I was going mad, really,” she said.